$ 1.0E-5


Please unstake your DFSM by September 14, 2024 to prepare for the revenue share snapshot and staking v2.0

Variable APR*

Stake your $DFSM and compound your earnings while you stake.

No Lockup Period

You can unstake your $DFSM at any time! Please see the unstaking fee structure below.

$USDT Reflections

Continue to earn your $USDT reflections while you are staking. Double rewards!

* Actual APR is dependent on the total $DFSM staked at any given time.
** Your estimated rewards are based on your percentage of the total vested rewards at that moment.
*** Unstaking fees are redistributed to the staking pool.

Staking 101

If you still have questions, connect with our team for assistance.

In short, staking is a way to earn rewards on your holdings. DFSM Inc. has provided a pool of $DFSM tokens which will be distributed amongst all participating holders.

Participation involves sending your tokens to the staking contract where they will be earning a variable APR%.

Traditional staking is made possible when a blockchain uses a “consensus mechanism” called Proof of Stake, which is the way they ensure that all transactions are verified.

As with any service, risks do exist, but when it comes to staking they are minimal. This is a custodial service, meaning your tokens will leave your wallet to enter the staking contract.

The staking contract has been audited and is available for additional audits to ensure its security prior to your staking.

Yes, you can add to your staked amount at any time.

When you stake additional tokens, your Earned Tokens and Days Staked counters will reset to 0. Your new staked balance will reflect all previously earned tokens.

Yes, you can view your staked tokens (StakedTXS) by adding the custom contract address to your wallet.


Your earned $DFSM tokens can be compounded by clicking the Compound button. This will add your Earned tokens to your total Staked amount and reset your earned counter to 0.

Unlike staking additional tokens, compounding doesn’t affect your Elapsed time staking.

Please ensure you have sufficient BNB as there is a network transaction fee associated with compounding your earned tokens.

At any time you may connect your wallet and click the “Unstake” button. Before unstaking please take note of the unstaking fee which will be deducted from your staked $DFSM.

You do not need to compound prior to unstaking. Your Earned rewards are included in the available unstake balance.

Similar to staking, you will need BNB in your wallet to pay the network transaction fee for the unstaking transaction. * 0% unstaking fee after 90 days of staking

Your $USDT rewards will continue to be deposited into your wallet as usual. You do not need to take any action.


Do not begin a new stake

Please unstake your DFSM tokens in preparation for:

  • revenue share snapshot
  • staking v2.0

Tokens must be unstaked by September 14, 2024